RFMC Team Challenge

CREATE A TEAM FOR THE RIDE! It’s more fun to Ride together. Gather your friends, family and co-workers and ride to help protect kids. Serving as a Team Captain for the RFMC can be so rewarding!
By forming a team YOU can be a leader in the mission to prevent child abduction and sexual exploitation. All it takes is the willingness to reach out to others and a little extra time, and you’ll become one of NCMEC/NY’s most important volunteers.

Teams come in all sizes — but five or more people will help your team become competitive. Who’s up for a fundraising challenge?

Awards will be given to top fundraising teams in 2 categories:
1-5 teammates
6 plus teammates

There are different types of teams to consider:
Corporate/Company Teams
Family Teams
School Teams

*While we require our signature ride jerseys are worn by all participants, teams can be creative on how they wish to distinguish themselves. (helmet covers, armbands, socks)

Register yourself and then create your team. Make sure to inform your team members of the name. Have your team members register and click on "Join a Team". A list of teams will be provided to choose from.

Set goals and work together to make your RFMC experience fun and memorable! If you've already registered as an individual and wish to join a team, please email kaspenleiter@ncmec.org and include your name and the team name. We will move your registration to the team.

Take advantage of your team webpage! A webpage is created for each team when you register—it's easy to get started! Team Captains can update their team's webpage and use the provided tools to track their team roster and fundraising progress. Enter a message about your team (be sure to personalize it and let people know why your team is riding and that others are welcome to join your team), upload a photo, and you're ready to go!